Enable dropping dragged text into a text field on web page

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Furkan Üzümcü
You couldn't drop text into a text field on a web page. Now you can.
Compiles and works.
Pierre Rossi
Vyacheslav Blinov
Furkan Üzümcü
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The JS problem is solved. User can drag and drop text or link. Also, when selected (I mean highlighted) a link (like <a href="url">Link text</a>) the link's text is dropped.


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Andrea Diamantini
Pierre said: "Not sure if that's not something that should be fixed upstream in WebKit". That is exactly my opinion. So, as Pierre knows about this surely better than me, I'll let him decide where this has to be merged :)
  1. To add other 2 cents about:
    - what is other browsers behavior? Konqueror? Firefox? Chrome?
    - What is QtWebKit 2.2 behavior about?
    - Are there any chances to merge/fix this there? What about kdewebkit?
  2. Chrome and Firefox has the same behavior. Konqueror doesn't have this.
Pierre Rossi
Actually, this should work out of the box in QtWebKit 2.2, and doesn't for rekonq. The proper fix would probably to investigate why. Note that dragging text in the middle of a text field will be hard to do with your approach, so I'd say r- for now, since the problem is elswhere it seems.
  1. You're right.