Dragging a fullscreen window to another screen and then disabling fullscreen keeps the window at the new screen.

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Matthias Fuchs
I think the screen number solution is not ideal, though it works.
What do you think?
Tested with two screens with the 4.7 branch and the master branch.
Thomas Lübking
Matthias Fuchs
Review request changed

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Uses checkWorkspacePosition and also takes xineramaFullscreenEnabled into consideration.

@Thomas the patch you linked is not in branch 4.7 but just master, so I tested the patch you linked only with master. Yet I want to backport this review here also to 4.7, but as far as I can tell it works nice with both master and 4.7.


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Martin Flöser
Just use an int :-)
kwin/client.h (Diff revision 2)
I don't like this variable name and think we should break with the existing naming scheme: m_fullScreenFoo :-)
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