Add loadUrl functionality to MainWindow, and use it from Application

Review Request #102065 - Created July 23, 2011 and discarded

Tirtha Chatterjee
For my GSoC project of sessions management, I need to be able to load URLs in specific windows. The use case is basically this --
I drag a tab from an inactive session, and drop it into an active session.
So the URL of the inactive session should get loaded into specifically that window which corresponds to the active session. So I moved the loadUrl functionality to MainWindow. But I kept Application::loadUrl, it just passes on the task to the appropriate window's loadUrl method.
Tested. Works correctly.
Tirtha Chatterjee
Andrea Diamantini
Pierre Rossi
Tirtha Chatterjee
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Forgot for too much time. Rewamped, rebased and pushed again in #review 104326 to have loadUrl API in MainWindow.