Fallback to homepage if restoring of session failed

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Tirtha Chatterjee
If restoring a session failed for some reason (session-file missing, incorrect format, etc.) then Rekonq should be able to fall back to opening the home page of the user. Right now, it crashes in some cases if restoration did not happen properly.
Yes. Works fine here.
Pierre Rossi
LGTM. Never sure about these coding style issues since we tend to go by a few weird rules... ;)
src/application.cpp (Diff revision 1)
I wouldn't put braces for the single line statement, need to check the peculiarities of the rekonq coding style (by those standards the opening brace should be on a new line down below btw, which I'm personally not a big fan of)
Andrea Diamantini
Andrea Diamantini
Tirtha, please next time you'll merge a review request, append a REVIEW tag there. This will automatically close the review request here. In example, to close this one, you should have appended, in a new line, the tag

REVIEW: 102064

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