Give Nepomuk the lowest Priority in the Scheduler

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Vishesh Handa
I've changed the scheduling of all Nepomuk services from SCHED_BATCH to SCHED_IDLE. Maybe this should only be done for the "nepomukindexer"?


If this is accepted, I'll like to backport it as well.
I've tested it on my desktop and I find that I just don't notice when files are being indexed. Before this it was slightly noticeable as the computer would become slightly sluggish. 
Sebastian Trueg
I have no idea why I did not use that to begin with, however. However, I think for git master we should allow Nepomuk::Service subclasses to set a priority like "BackgroundNonesense" or "UserInteraction" or things like that. Based on that we would set the priority. I suppose that the query service should get a higher prio (although I am not sure if that does change anything since most of the work is done by Virtuoso anyway.)
  1. Is it okay if I push this patch for 4.7?
    I'll start working on the solution you proposed for master.
Sebastian Trueg
ok then.
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