Only show KSysguard & SystemSettings in menus when running KDE

Review Request #102038 - Created July 21, 2011 and updated

Jeremy Bicha
Add OnlyShowIn:KDE line to KSysguard & SystemSettings. Otherwise, it's very frustrating when running any other desktop (Gnome Shell, Unity, etc.) and seeing multiple apps named the same thing with the same icon without any way to distinguish them.

Ben Cooksley
1) The git diff you have uploaded is cooked
2) As System Settings maintainer, I find this unacceptable as people using KDE applications under other desktops need to access System Settings for the purpose of altering settings shared by KDE applications - and managed through System Settings.

- Colour scheme
- Style used
- Etc
Jekyll Wu
FYI, ksysguard.desktop now uses "KSysGuard" as "Name" and "System Monitor" as "GenericName". See So there is no more valid reason to add the "OnlyShownIn" key for it.

For systemsettings, the problem seems to be "solved" by shipping systemsettings.desktop for KDE environment and kdesystemsettings.desktop for non-KDE environment.

So I think this review can be closed now.