Added UI option to configure the new "Do Not Track" feature, available in the upcoming KDE SC 4.7

Review Request #102010 - Created July 19, 2011 and submitted

Andrea Diamantini
Title says it all. Easy and safe, I hope.

Pierre Rossi
Looks goot to me. (apart from those two minor details maybe ?)
src/rekonq.kcfg (Diff revision 1)
git commit -a ? I think you could push that typo fix in an unreviewed  micro-commit directly in master.
src/settings/generalwidget.cpp (Diff revision 1)
and maybe the "---..." can go ?
  1. Sorry Pierre, you may have noticed I usually (k)Debug quite everything to not start everytime a gdb session ;)
    Time for some kDebug polish...
  2. yeah I know, I tend to do a lot of that too, but too often take everything out.
    Now since kDebug is pretty powerful with kdebugdialog, I think we should probably look into getting some reserved logging channels for different components in rekonq (fire kdebugdialog and look at how many say KIO has). I don't know who to talk to to get some of those for ourselves, but I'd be up for some sorting work on the debug output, I guess we'd gain a lot from it when investigating bugs.