Many changes to flags feature making them work well as annotations for printouts

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Rafal Kulaga
asimha, vcarbune
This diff adds several additional features to current implementation of flags, making it more useful (and user friendly), especially when used to mark sky points (or sky objects) for printing. 

Features added include:
 * access to Add/Edit/Delete flag commands through (nice) SkyMap's popup menu.
 * enabled editing for existing flags.

As you can see, FlagManager class was refactored quite deeply and is now flags.dat-agnostic. All changes are saved to FlagComponent, which in this case acts as a model for all flag-related code. 

Small TODOs remain: allowing flags without images (label-only) and better handling of zoom level changes (hide labels at small zoom levels).

Apart from that, when should flags be saved to flags.dat file? Currently it's done for every flag insertion/deletion/edition which is suboptimal approach. Should we save current flags when KStars is quitted?

Ah, and sorry for stray whitespaces, they're already removed.
Done quite extensive testing, no problems detected.
Rafal Kulaga
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