DolphinDetailsView: fix column auto size fail on custom font styles

Review Request #101923 - Created July 11, 2011 and submitted

Marcel Partap
dfaure, ppenz
The auto-calculated width of columns always is same regardless of custom font style so there was sure something wrong..
=> Setting the font in the viewOptions() actually has no effect on either viewport or view, has to be done via setFont(). So
- adding setFont(m_font) in view init phase
- removing font stuff from viewOptions() and NOOP assignment in slotGlobalSettingsChanged()
- avoiding extra inter-object calls by using m_font directly
Also replaced abusing fontMetrics.height for horizontalGap - by coincidence it was more then needed, but for bigger fonts might be 20px and up while usually only 10px is needed. Pixel-perfect calculation required DEEEEEEP tracing throughout QT style rendering stuff - (PM_FocusFrameHMargin+1)*2 seems to be the way it is calculated, +const 4 which is hard-coded all over the place though.
cgdb tracing aaall day long ^^
Peter Penz
Marcel Partap
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