Port rekonq to the new KMessageWidget

Review Request #101814 - Created July 1, 2011 and submitted

Andrea Diamantini
Move to KMessageWidget
Port rekonq notification bars to KMessageWidget:
walletbar, crash notification bar, set favorite preview bar.
Remove old no more used notification bar

Code is available also on rekonq repo in a branch named "MovingToKMessageWidget".

About KMessageWidget: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/101249/diff/1/ AND http://community.kde.org/Sprints/UX2011/KMessageWidget

Andrea Diamantini
Review request changed

Change Summary:

Insert back notification bars in webtab layout
As Pierre pointed out, better insert bars inside layout to avoid
usability loss.


Revision 2 (+147 -405)

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Pierre Rossi
Just a few quick comments from running it:

- there's no way to discard the favorite (for setting a new favorite in about:favorites) bar.
- animating the viewport's resize might have a cost. maybe we should put the widget in overlay for the animation and only insert it in the layout at the end of the animation.
- the highlight (blink) is not there anymore, but that's probably something we can live with, since KMessageWidget is not easy to miss !

I'll try to do a proper review later on.
Andrea Diamantini
Merging it in master.
Pierre, if there are some "improvements" for this batch you see, please let us know :)
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