Fix docs generation with docbook-xslt >= 1.76

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Luigi Toscano
aacid, lueck, rdieter
Previously, local.l10n.xml was defined to use a build-time generated file containing the a list of languages for which we provides customizations (see kdoctools/customization/xsl). It seems that this is not the intended way for customization to work; it used to work by accident for docbook-xsl<=1.75 but the new optimaized l10n structure introduced with docbook-xsl>=1.76 broke it (see: )
The idea now is to directly load the correct customization file for the required language.

In order to fix the generated documentation, this must be regenerated again using the newly built meinproc.
Testing performed on Debian testing (kdelibs 4.7, docbook-xslt 1.75/1.76) and Fedora 15 (kdelibs trunk and 4.6.4, docbook-xslt 1.75/1.76, thanks to rdieter).
Burkhard Lück
Installed docbook-xsl_1.76.0~RC1+dfsg-1 and applied the patch, generated lang docs and build some modules and german language, looks ok to me. I have the missing "previous" and "next" buttons reported in

Do we to change for
Rex Dieter
Tested now on both my f14 and f15 boxes with kde-4.6.4/docbook-xslt-1.76.1, works like a charm so far.
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