Support looking up Plasma services.

Review Request #101717 - Created June 21, 2011 and submitted

Kevin Kofler
This patch implements lookup of Plasma services in Apper master. It requires this PackageKit commit:

The interface I added is a generic InstallResources which already got approved by Richard Hughes and committed to gnome-packagekit:
(Richard didn't want yet another Install*Resources method added. Instead, we now have an extensible API which can support more service types later.)
I verified that everything compiles. More testing will have to wait until the Plasma-side code which actually uses the stuff is ready.
Kevin Kofler
A backport of this patch to KPackageKit 0.6.x is now available:
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  1. As I wrote in the commit message:
    Looks like dantti didn't have the time to look at this. He told me on IRC that I can just commit this as is and we can tweak any details later. So I'm doing just that. (I need this stuff in to continue my GSoC work.)