Add missing actions to report bug + switch language to Help menu in dolphin whithout menubar

Review Request #101597 - Created June 12, 2011 and submitted

Burkhard Lück
Using Dolphin in default mode in master /4.7.) whithout menubar the user has no actions to report a bug or switch language. Patch adds this to the Help menu launched from the toolbar button Configure and control Dolphin.

Peter Penz
Thanks for the patch! I completely missed this entry (I rarely report Dolphin bugs this way ;-))... 
  1. I know this is "off topic" for this review request but shouldn't this code be using a KHelpMenu? By doing that you'll avoid missing some entries
  2. Thanks for the hint - yes, that would be better. I've added this to my TODO-list - I'm currently busy with some other things but won't forget about this.