Avoid puzzle sentence.

Review Request #101495 - Created June 2, 2011 and submitted

Frederik Schwarzer
Puzzle sentences are hard to impossible to translate. For example in German, this one currently looks like this:

msgid "Show a maximum of"
msgstr "Maximal"
msgid "files"
msgstr "Dateien anzeigen"

Which is fine but very error prone. It might be harder or impossible in other languages.
This patch changes that to be easier to translate.

One thing is that "files" sounds strange there. Is that really correct?
Michel Ludwig
Files should be ok as it refers to the completion files that are shown. But maybe one could find a better wording for that.
Can you check whether the spinbox and label is still disabled when you disable "Show LaTeX commands"?
  1. Yes they are. Only the connection for the "files" label was removed.
Michel Ludwig
Could you maybe also inform the i18n mailing list about this string change? Kile is currently in string freeze and version 2.1 is supposed to be released on Sunday or so.

Thanks a lot.