add default help menu with all standard help actions to Help button in KFind

Review Request #101443 - Created May 26, 2011 and submitted

Burkhard Lück
master, 4.6
The Help button in KFind opens the Handbook, but all usual standard help actions like bug report, switch language and about kde/kfind are missing. Wth this patch the Help in kfind has the default behavior of all other kde applications. ksnaphot has the same button with all standard help actions.  

Burkhard Lück
Any comment/review?
Raphael Kubo da Costa
Looks OK. Perhaps KFind should actually have a main window with a normal menu bar instead of being a dialog, but that's unrelated to this patch. Please remember to update the 4.6.5 changelog.
kfind/kfinddlg.cpp (Diff revision 1)
Extra whitespace.