load missing translation catalog for thesaurus plugin

Review Request #101435 - Created May 25, 2011 and submitted

Burkhard Lück
load translation catalog to make the dialog fully translated

Camilla Boemann
No idea wat it does, but I say ship it
  1. Whith K_EXPORT_PLUGIN( ThesaurusPluginFactory("ThesaurusPlugin") ) the plugin tries to load the translation catalog "ThesaurusPlugin", but this fails cause the strings are extracted to a catalog named thesaurus_tool in Messages.sh. Plugin is always untranslated (apart from strings in the system catalogs and strings from desktop files), even if the catalog "thesaurus_tool" is translated and installed :(
    With K_EXPORT_PLUGIN( ThesaurusPluginFactory("ThesaurusPlugin", "thesaurus_tool") ) the plugin tries to load the catalog "thesaurus_tool" -> success, plugin is translated :)
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