Do not hardcode ellipsis on splash screen messages

Review Request #101434 - Created May 24, 2011 and submitted

Frederik Schwarzer
The ellipsis is always added to the "right" of the string, which is not the "end" of the string in all languages.
Also, in some languages (e.g. German) there has to be a space between the words and the ellipsis.

It seems more sane to let translators see that there is an ellipsis.
None. Sorry, I cannot compile on my box. :(
Marcel Wiesweg
Makes sense. After 2.0 not to break translations?
  1. Sure, did not know about string freeze. Can you ping me here when string freeze is over?
  2. (ping) Can this go in now?
  3. yes, i review it now...
  4. Patch applied to git master
  5. Thanks.
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    For the record:
Gilles Caulier
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