Remembers the order of tabs properly in the session-file.

Review Request #101339 - Created May 11, 2011 and submitted

Tirtha Chatterjee
connects tabMoved signal of TabBar to tabsChanged signal of MainView, so any changes in tab order due to dragging tabs are saved in the sessions file using SessionManager. So now the changes in the order of tabs is correctly remembered during restore.
Tested and works.
Andrea Diamantini

src/tabbar.cpp (Diff revision 1)
Can you explain a bit the delayed shot choice?
  1. QTabWidget (and hence, MainView) uses the tabMoved signal to understand when a tab rearrange has occured, and changes the tab order accordingly. Since we are also using the same signal, so if we don't use timer, the changes in MainView will not yet have taken place when the session is being stored to the file. So we wait for 200 miliseconds for the MainView to rearrange its tabs using the tabMoved signal, then save it.
    I am not sure that I could make myself clear ;)
Andrea Diamantini
Looks good!