Prefer growisofs to wodim for DVD/BluRay burning

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Kevin Kofler
K3b 2 defaults to cdrecord for all burning tasks, including DVDs and BluRay
discs. Unfortunately, it also does this when cdrecord is actually wodim. This
is a bad idea, because wodim's DVD burning code is not the "ProDVD" code in
Jörg Schilling's current cdrecord releases, but a much older, buggier and
basically unmaintained DVD patch. We cannot ship the ProDVD code in wodim
because of licensing conflicts: That code was never released under the GPL, it
was relicensed directly from its original proprietary license to the CDDL. But
wodim is GPLed, and cannot be relicensed to the CDDL, in fact this was the
whole reason for the fork: Jörg Schilling's cdrecord distributes mixed CDDL and
GPL code linked together. So the DVD code in wodim is based on an ancient
experimental community-contributed DVD support patch for cdrecord (from the
times where ProDVD was entirely proprietary). So it's a bad idea to use wodim
for DVDs. As for BluRay discs, those aren't currently supported by wodim at
all; K3b should detect this, but still, it's better to explicitly default to
growisofs there too, in case wodim grows some experimental BluRay support.

One concrete known issue with wodim's DVD burning code is that it fails to burn
dual-layer DVD+Rs: . But
chances are there are many more DVD burning bugs in wodim, which are unlikely
to get fixed promptly.

Growisofs, on the other hand, is designed specifically for DVDs and BluRay
disks, doesn't have licensing issues and has been used successfully for DVDs
for years (in fact, K3b 1 always used growisofs for DVDs).

This patch makes K3b default to growisofs for all DVD or BluRay burning tasks
if cdrecord is actually wodim.
Awaiting feedback from Fedora users:

I will update the status when we have some testing feedback.
Michal Malek
The patch looks OK to me. I'll test it and commit it soon.
  1. While I'm all in favor of deprecating unmaintained software (in this case widim's DVD support) for maintained software, how is that patch do that? According toits own website, growisofs was last updated three years ago.
    Wouldn't Cdrskin be the better choice? 
  2. Wow, time passes fast. I didn't realize it's been so long since the last growisofs release. :-(
    But still, growisofs still looks like the better choice for DVDs compared to wodim to me. The DVD patch was more than 3 years old when it got merged into wodim more than 4 years ago and it seems to me that it's getting only minimal maintenance, no new features were added AFAICT: no DVD+R DL (which is what prompted the Fedora bug report), no BluRay etc. Unfortunately, cdrkit upstream has resources only for fixing (some) bugs, not adding features, yet the latter is what their DVD support would really need. (It's not that big a problem for CDs because CD standards aren't evolving anymore.)
    As for libburnia, I'm not sure it's ready for production use yet. The fact that no distro that I know of defaults to cdrskin as its cdrecord implementation tells me that it's probably not. :-( But it may well be the best long-term plan.
Sebastian Trueg
looks reasonable to me and well integrated with the k3b code.
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  1. Do we want this in 2.0 too?
  2. IMO you can backport it but I don't think no one will release a new official 2.0.x bugfix release.
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