Misc fixes for telepathy-contact-list

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Dario Freddi
Decently sized branch with lots of misc fixes and stuff. Will let git cherry explain that for me:

+ 4b5c54c7705f474aeb2b7da9eecb2f42b139aeb2 Expand only the item belonging to the account which is being connected - and collapse it upon disconnection
+ 75249599c256084302249327cc9b6b2789698a80 Cast properly: never use static_cast unless strictly required, and use qobject_cast wherever possible
+ a7431ac2081d74d4b08502483ea64240c76fe688 Includes done right: own include must always go first, moc should go to the bottom - and remember a newline at the end of the file
+ eaf348e97578fdca27cc3b78c6556f45d795f537 Always use deleteLater() on QObject except some special cases, and beware: connect() can crash if the sender is null as well.
+ f392c5d0e215f6e693166d7677948859396c9010 Add missing copyrights
+ b7b5052275d0740bda5eb87aaaaf8600d0f0eab8 AbstractWidgetDelegateOverlay: Make m_widget a QWeakPointer. Given that we strongly rely on having m_widget == 0 on deletion, just use the proper method.
+ 4a630c51036d5c47558a6561fe828b7ed456632c Remove unneeded signal handlers
+ 2dcd374ce0518570d184b2791ee53b70bc326c00 Use proper copyright tags: email instead of web address
+ f3b388bda7ed34273d8c954529b0bd2be51ab319 Fix misuse of i18n, add some context to some calls
+ 9604b357205618a2302cbff2211ed1f24012ad29 Make constructors explicit when needed
+ 4e7ef1ef7b79da894cff4a63c6f622197e86542e Fix typo
+ 8d975a87648a4fd996bd9f83113040ddbcafb2b3 Use K* classes
Apparently, compiles and works
Martin Klapetek
Great work, thanks!
contact-model-item.h (Diff revision 2)
We should probably also unify the email address format..
  1. As discussed on IRC, I'll unmangle all mangled addresses before pushing
David Edmundson
+1 from me.
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