Add "Icons" item to desktop theme details GUI

Review Request #101175 - Created April 22, 2011 and submitted

Jonathan Marten
The "System Settings - Workspace Appearance - Desktop Theme - Details" dialogue allows individual theme elements to be selected from any of the available desktop themes.  However, there is no GUI option to select a theme's icons - those stored in the theme's 'icons/' subdirectory and used in the system tray.  None of the standard KDE themes provide their own icons - they all use the default ones from Air - but some themes on kde-look do.

This 1-line patch adds an "Icons" item to this dialogue.  Selecting and copying the icons from a theme is all automatically handled in DesktopThemeDetails::save() with no additional code changes being necessary.
Built kde-workspace with these changes, checked operation of dialogue and that theme icons are correctly copied to user's $KDEDIR/share/apps/desktoptheme/.customized/icons.
Aaron J. Seigo
thanks for the patch; please commit at your leisure.
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