Hybrid "new tab page"

Review Request #101171 - Created April 21, 2011 and updated

Pierre Rossi
The branch is here:

I rebased the whole beast again on top of master, but I suspect it'll need rebasing again by the time it's actually going to be integrated (which I volunteer for if that's the case). Since so many things are touched all over the place it conflicts easily with new changes in master.

I think a diff would be useless at this point since it'd spread on so many pages, so I guess it's easier to just checkout the branch and look at the commits with git log (-p might be helpful) and basically test and see what the change is all about.

There are still quirks (i.e. some things that currently work might break) but nothing that should be impossible to fix really, and I wouldn't mind getting bug reports on this at this point.

A big thanks to Benjamin for all the work he put into this.

erm, no autotests for the individual components as of now, but I'm still considering it and thinking about how to do this properly.
Andrea Diamantini
Uhm... this patch is "monumental". And sincerely I don't like merging things like this. First of all this is claimed to be the "new" hybrid home page. But in reality, this patch changes (in sparse order):
- the "about" scheme handling (and more?)
- a "new" scheme management (the "rekonq" one: to hide! Is this really needed?)
- some things in the bookmarks (not well identified)
- some things in the history (not well identified)
- introduces a new download manager
- changes the way downloads history is managed
and finally...
- the new "hybrid" page (plus some fixes, changes not well identified through the commits messages).

So, if this is an ALL or NOTHING patch, I vote for NOTHING, sorry. I expect here the merges of the individual new features as standalones (eg: the download manager and the "scheme" handling change) and finally the "hybrid page" merge as "easy and NOT invasive" addiction.