Fix Dolphin not showing the unlocked container after first mount of an encrypted container

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Ozan Çağlayan
afiestas, lukas
When you *first* mount an encrypted container and enter the passphrase correctly, Dolphin is launched through SolidUiServer with:

kioclient exec %f

after the setupDone() signal is emitted. But the signal is emitted right after the async D-Bus call which mounts the slave filesystem,
causing the %f to be expanded to an empty string returned by UDisksStorageAccess::filePath(). This causes Dolphin to show the Home directory
instead of the just-mounted filesystem.

Encapsulate the "signal emitting" in else {} block to cure this problem.
Tested on KDE 4.6.2 with
 - an encrypted container
 - a normal usb flash disk

and works OK.
Lukáš Tinkl
Look good
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