Consider data: URLs local in KIO::AccessManager

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Volker Krause
Currently KIO::AccessManager blocks retrieval of embedded data: URLs if external references are disabled. This does not match the behavior in KHTML and breaks for example the display of sender photos/logos in KMail (which uses kdewebkit).

Kevin Krammer
Wouldn't it make more sense to change KProtocolInfo::protocolClass() such that it considers data: to be local access?
  1. That was indeed my first attempt, but David pointed out that this would have further (security) implications, since the protocol class is also used in a number of different places where the use of data: might not be desired. Instead, I followed the approach chosen by KHTML now, explicitly white-listing data: only for retrieval but nothing else.
  2. Well I guess I am the one that broke this in an attempt to make it more generic. The change seems fine, but you patch should then do the following:
        if ("data"), Qt::CaseInsensitive) == 0)
            return true;
        if (KProtocolInfo::isKnownProtocol(scheme) &&
            KProtocolInfo::protocolClass(scheme).compare(QL1S(":local"), Qt::CaseInsensitive) == 0)
            return true;
        return false;
    since isLocalRequest is more likely to encounter the "data" protocol than any other local protocol.
  3. The case-insensitive comparisson seems unnecessary, KUrl::protocol() already returns a lower-cased string. 
    Regarding the reordering, isn't file: the most likely local protocol? I don't know where else this is used, but in KMail it definitely is much more common than data:.
Dawit Alemayehu
Hmm... did not know KUrl::protocol() already returned a lower case text. And it is probably true the file protocol might be more previlant when access to external content is disallowed. Well then go ahead... Do not forget to backport or forward port depending on how you work :)
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