Improve KBookmarkManager custom bar folder support

Review Request #101128 - Created April 14, 2011 and submitted

Yoann Laissus
- A new option to set/unset the current bookmark bar folder in the context menu
- Fix drag and drop with a custom folder
- Fix a regression which affects BK bar drag and drop (5a53d2bf91dd)
Works well
Andrea Diamantini

src/bookmarks/bookmarkstoolbar.cpp (Diff revision 1)
I learnt from previous discussions that QCursor::pos() has an heavy cost for systems.
Can we try avoiding it saving the first call or relying on event->pos()?
  1. QCursor::pos() doesn't cost a lot but the mapping to and from global yes.
    We can't avoid it because a lot of different objects are connected to this eventFilter method.
    So *watched can be a bookmark action, a bookmark folder menu or the bar itself.
    In the future, I'll try to clean this function because it's became almost unmaintainable and very difficult to add new stuff.
Andrea Diamantini
I like this. My concern about is that I don't clearly see the differences between the feature and the fixes ;)
  1. All the fixes are in bookmarktoolbar.cpp. :)
    And the rest of the code is to add set/unset in the bookmark context menu.
Andrea Diamantini
Going to merge it...