kmail: "Local folders" are renamed to "Kmail Folders" after migration

Review Request #101107 - Created April 12, 2011 and discarded

Antonis Tsiapaliokas

After a migration the local folders are renamed to kmail folders. So with this patch the issue is solved. 
kdepim and kdepim-runtime compile without any issue. Also kmail works fine.
Thomas McGuire
Looks good to me.
Kevin, what do you think?
  1. I am afraid I don't get the problem.
  2. There are two problems in the bug report:
    - Reporter is confused that the folder name is now "KMail Folders" instead of "Local Folders", like in KMail 1. I agree and think "Local Folders" is a better name.
    - For the reporter, the top-level folder can't be renamed, probably because it is read-only or has the wrong ACLs. This is not covered by this review request, though.
  3. I used "KMail Folders" as the name for the migrated KMail mail folders to have a clearly distinguishable user visible name from the one the default maildir resource is using.
    Ideally the migration process removes that one when it is determined that the mixedmaildir resource can take over as default resource for special mail collections. This, however, can only be done if the "Local Folders" resource is completely empty, otherwise it stays the default special collection resource. 
    In the latter case the user would end up with two "accounts" named "Local Folders" which, IMHO, could be quite confusing.
    So IMHO doing a rename at migration time has to take into account the outcome of the special collection take over.
    As far as I can remember renaming the mixedmaildir resource's top level collection at any later point should be possible and the resource would change the resource name accordingly.
  4. Ok, discarding the review request then.
    BTW there is a bug that apparently sometimes the top-level folder can't be renamed because it is read-only.