Fix directory navigation in Dolphin::Terminal.

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Raphael Kubo da Costa
Fix directory navigation in Dolphin::Terminal.

When navigating in Dolphin it attempts to keep any open Terminal (F4)
in sync by changing the directory in the shell.  It does this by
sending a "^C; cd $DIRECTORY" however shells under FreeBSD treat "^C"
as a literal string and not SIGINT.  Fix this by sending SIGINT to the
shell instead of "^C".

It appears Linux does not exhibit this behaviour.

Patch originally written by David Naylor, from the KDE-FreeBSD team.
Changing directories with a terminal open now changes the terminal's current directory fine on FreeBSD.
Peter Penz
Thanks, looks good!
Please leave the open/closing braces also when only one statement is used (see
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