Set the properties action fom mainWindow actionCollection

Review Request #101076 - Created April 10, 2011 and submitted

Àlex Fiestas
In order to have a proper kiosk support in dolphin we should use standard actions whether we can. Dolphin does it right but a few exceptions, this try to fix one of those.

the properties action from items is made by getting it from the mainWindow::actionCollection but the "properties" action from openViewportContextMenu is custom, which bypasses kiosk.

The patch simply replace the custom properties action and uses the mainWindow::actionCollection one.
Compare the result of clicking on the Properties custom action and the standard one.
Peter Penz
Thanks, looks good!
Christoph Feck
What is the status of this review? Has it been submitted? If yes, please close it.
  1. OMG, didn't got the email from the review :/! will look into this tomorrow and commit/close/whatever needs to be done.
    Sorry :/
  2. I've marked it as submitted, the change is in KDE/4.7 dunno if I commit it or Peter did, anyway it is there.