Pimp kwinrules kcm

Review Request #101041 - Created April 6, 2011 and submitted - Latest diff uploaded

Thomas Lübking
- adds import/export feature*
- allow delayed window detection
- remove abililty to select "override" as window type (instantly segfaults kwin)
- general UI restructure, regrouping & reterming elements and adding some tooltips for the "hääähhh??" rules (except tiling, need to figure that myself ;-)
  + merge the first two tabs into one "window matching"
  + resort the content of the other ones into "Size & Position", "Arrangement & Access" and "Appearance & Fixes" - users don't know when a rule is a "workaround", "preferences" is quite generic and "geometry" reminds my sister of "math? i don't understand that anyway :-("

* im/exporting allows to export various rules into one file and import them from there, in doubt replacing existing dupes.
  it also allows to delete existing rules.
  This should enable kwin developers or distros or everyone who understands WM rules to ship there own rule set and have the user import it on a general update or whatever (maybe we should have some CLI routine so distros can hang this in the package updating?)