Kmail: check fcc collection in the MDA.

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Antonis Tsiapaliokas

This patch is fixing a hole in the MDA. If the fcc folder is deleted when the message is queued, then the mail is lost. With my patch the mail is saving in the default sent-mail collection. I forgot to check for the whitespace... So i update my diff. Sorry for the trouble.
Kdepim-runtime and kdepim is compiling without any issue.
Kevin Krammer
Antonis Tsiapaliokas
Antonis Tsiapaliokas
Torgny Nyblom
Antonis Tsiapaliokas
Thomas McGuire
Antonis Tsiapaliokas
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Change Summary:

ok, i remove the moveTo and i have change the name of the method checkFcc to slotSentMailCollectionFetched.


Revision 6 (+24 -19)

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This review has been submitted with commit a074f5ed435de191abd420230f04912e8dca75f6 by Antonis Tsiapaliokas.
Thomas McGuire
Thanks for the patch, I have just comitted it, see

I have changed a few things before comotting:
- Correctly assign mCurrentJob so that the parent job can correctly be aborted
- Set the job to an error state when hasDefaultCollection() return false
- also check for hasDefaultCollection() in the result slot
- added a few more uses of the "const" keyword