Add a GUI to configure window's title bar blend colours

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Jonathan Marten
kde-baseapps, kwin
Some of the still available window decorations (KDE2, Keramik, Modern System, Quartz,
Redmond) use two colours for the title bar, either as a blend or for different
parts of the bar.  This patch extends the GUI in System Settings to allow the
blend colour to be configured.
Built kde-workspace with these changes, verified operation of systemsettings and KDE2 window decoration.


Hans Meine
Jonathan Marten
Review request changed

Change Summary:

Use "Secondary" instead of "Blend" as suggested.

Also reorder the items so that the 3 "Active" settings come
together, followed by the 3 "Inactive" settings.

kwin group added to reviewers.




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Christoph Feck
Okey, it looks like deKorator is the only decoration that needs the button colors, and I am going to change button coloring there anyway, so please commit as is (to master, because of added strings).
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