Make depedency on kdepimlibs/akonadi-server optional

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Theo Chatzimichos
4.6 master
Previously, kde-workspace/plasma/generic/dataengines/CMakeLists.txt required kdepimlibs compiled with akonadi-server support. The following patch makes it conditional. Patch originally reported in gentoo bug 350850 [1] by fabianoengler at gmail dot com


Aaron J. Seigo
Theo Chatzimichos
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as requested, the new patch includes calendar. first try to make its akonadi support optional


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Aaron J. Seigo

shouldn't be necessary: akonadi is already found!
indentation incorrect :)

both this and the #ifdef should not be indented at all
Aaron J. Seigo
test compiling, and it this doesn't actually work; in fact, it just unconditionally compiles akonadi out of the calendar engine. i'll experiment a bit and see what works.
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