MR: keyboard indicator, use a svg as texture for text painting

Review Request #100557 - Created Feb. 4, 2011 and submitted

Marco Martin
a sore point in the styling right now is the text in the systray area, so the keyboard layout indicator and the clock looking a bit out of place compared to the systray icon styling.
now, if we exclude doing an entire font in svg (and i really don't wan that ;) we can come to some approximations:
it uses a svg similar to the texture of the systray icons as text background, and a very light blur that looks more like an outline.
a theme can quite costumize it by changing the widgets/textbackground svg.
still to do, making the shadow more configurable in color and position.
This could go in Plasma::PaintUtils, but i would rather duplicate it here and in the clock for now, to avoid it being abused too easily (can get ugly and is a bit expensive to generate)



Aaron J. Seigo
looks good; i do think we should centralize this kind of thing, however, so we can change it if need be in just one place.
kcontrol/keyboard/keyboard_applet.cpp (Diff revision 1)