Timer: one click to pause/resume, blinks when paused.

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Romário Rios
This patch does some little changes to Timer plasmoid:
 - Now it takes only one click to start, resume and pause it
 - It now blinks when paused, making it quicker to determine if it's paused or running
 - Double-click resets timer
As it's a simple modification, I think that it brings no bugs (except by the fact that it says timeout when reseted with double-click).
Aaron J. Seigo
Romário Rios
Romário Rios
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Apparently, I messed something up in the last diff.


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Aaron J. Seigo
do you have a commit account, or do you need someone to commit for you? reason i ask is that i've merged your patch here and made some adjustments to it; if you have a commit account i can send you an updated version of your patch to polish further if you wish and then push, otherwise, i can push it for you.
  1. I have no commit account. Push it.
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Davide Bettio
Please, revert this patch or fix it:
* Currently single click doesn't seem to work
* I don't think double click for reset is a good idea.