Table of content for words

Review Request #100421 - Created Jan. 18, 2011 and submitted

Lukáš Tvrdý
boemann, zachmann
This patch implements the loading of the part of the ODF that says how should be the 
table of content generated (table-of-content-source element with children).

Full loading is done, generation of the links is solved, navigation of the links works.

There are still some TODO's marked in the code. 
I think the development can continue in master as the solid ground is done.

This bug was closed as invalid through the development of this feature:

Work done by Pavol Korinek and Lukas Tvrdy.

Jean-Nicolas Artaud
Lukáš Tvrdý
Thorsten Zachmann
Camilla Boemann
If a heading has no text and no number, i Don't think it should show up in the ToC. People do ten to use such empty lines as linespace. Can you check with oo and msword and possibly fix.

Branch is good to be merged. You can do above correction in master or before merging. I don't care.

Great work guys!