Implements a preview button in the collection organizer dialog along with an "automatic preview" checkbox

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Maximilian Güntner
This patch adds manual preview functionality to the collection organizer dialog. This is very handy when altering the filename scheme and options of large collections ( > 1k files) since the dialog doesn't update the preview widget with every change in the filename configurator. The current functionality can be achieved by clicking on "Automatic Preview". Hope you like it.
-tested auto update by using/clicking each element that connects to the signalmapper
-tested the manual preview button
-moved a collection
Mark Kretschmann
Sergey Ivanov
Maximilian Güntner
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Change Summary:

Rewrite of my previous patch. I've replaced the SignalMapper with the more elegant sender() function.


Revision 2 (+19 -4)

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Mark Kretschmann
Ok, this patch looks good to me, I'm in favor of pushing it to Git Master. Maximilian, do you have push access to KDE Git? If not, we can push it for you.

Looking at this screenshot, I can't help noticing that the GUI has serious issues (not the changes that this patch introduced, but generally). What's it with the ugly bold borders around those buttons at the top? We should really clean that up...
  1. I don't have push access. Please push it for me, thanks!
    We should open a bug report/feature request for the GUI so that somebody can clean it up an make it more intuitive. 
    In my opinion, a wizard would be a better solution when it comes to moving a whole collection. 
    But a compact window like this is a better approach when you just want to copy some files to your DAP.
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