Add a tab list menu to the corner widget

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Felix Rohrbach
This patch adds a tool button to the corner widget of the tab widget which shows a list of the current open tabs. In contrast to the open new tab button this button is always in the top right edge.

If you don't like to download the patch, you can also use my git clone on github:
Clone: git://
Branch: tabListButton
Tested and works well.
Felix Rohrbach
Andrea Diamantini
Felix Rohrbach
Felix Rohrbach
Benjamin Poulain
Felix Rohrbach
Review request changed

Change Summary:

Rebased and some small changes.

About your points, Benjamin:
1. I can't check this with the cornerWidget size as I don't know if both buttons are in the widget or only one. Anyway, this cornerwidget should have its minimum size all the time anyway and I never heard of a style that shows layouts, so I don't see a reason to change it.
2. No, why? It first detects if the addNewTabButton should be in the corner widget and then it checks if it's already in it. It would get really complicated if I make it the other way around.
3. This is needed because the newTabButton has a smaller size after it was in the cornerWidget once.
4.+5. I don't know what this code is for, it was there already. I removed the lines and found nothing that has changed, so they stay removed
6.+7. done 


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Andrea Diamantini
I like the tab list menu and I merged it very soon when you implemented it as separate action. I don't like anyway changing rekonq "minimal" design for.
Please, maintain your branch and represent this as plugin for next development version.