Fix for USB storage mode media players

Review Request #100194 - Created Dec. 8, 2010 and discarded

Lukáš Tinkl
This patch fixes identifying general USB storage mode media players, plus adds some minor fixes and cleanups. The main change is in UmsConnectionAssistant::identify method.



Sergey Ivanov
Ralf Engels
Ralf Engels
Lukáš Tinkl
Review request changed

Status: Discarded

Change Summary:

This patch doesn't apply anymore + UMS collection has been rewritten so I don't know whether it is still relevant. I haven't seen any problems with UMS devices recently and the description does not mention any specifig bug this fixes.
Matěj Laitl

This would break identification of iPods. KDE's solid with udisks & udev backend currently doesn't attach PMP interface to them.