Adding the feature to Open with Preferred application and Open with options

Review Request #100164 - Created Nov. 21, 2010 and discarded

Chinmaya Padhi
Adding the feature of Open with Preferred Application and Open With options , while clicked on a file . 
Tested on various files by clicking on them and opening them in the preferred application. It works fine .
Panagiotis Papadopoulos
Andrea Diamantini
Pierre Rossi
Chinmaya Padhi
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Implemented the review comments .


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Andrea Diamantini
oops... I finally spent a couple of minutes downloading your patch and really testing it. I don't think we can really apply it as this completely breaks rekonq feature of embedding parts. IMHO, this is a no-go.
  1. What about a settings option to allow the user to select if he prefers to embed the files or to open them in another application?
    The other option is to have both in the same dialog. If you look at the BrowserOpenOrSaveQuestion class you can see this: "// TODO askOpenEmbedOrSave". We might be able to implement it ourself.
    I would like to have the option to open files in external applications, but I agree that embedding parts is more important so it can't be implemented if they break.
  2. I think the think Jon is talking about is a completely different feature from the one implemented here (so that this request should be closed).
    About Jon's request.. the settings option should be quite easy and fast to implement, while the second one is not "canonical" and IMHO more complicated. 
  3. It's not a completely different thing. What I mean is giving the user the option to choose between the current functionality or the one added by this patch.