Add a "Go" action

Review Request #100125 - Created Nov. 1, 2010 and discarded

Yoann Laissus
- A go action is added to the KXMLGUI action collection.
- A minor change in UrlBar
It works as expected.
Andrea Diamantini
Can I ask what's the need for this?
if you wanna add the "go" button in the urlbar, I fear you forgot it. And I think it can be better to implement it locally in the urlbar.
If there is another goal, sorry. I cannot see it :(
  1. I think this is for
    Personally I do not see any use case for this either… We do not really need this Go button, like e.g. Konqueror does:
    When you type something into the url bar you can easily click on an entry to “trigger” something, just like the Go button does…
    Adding a Go button thus is unnecessary, unlike in Konqueror, where a Go button surely is needed, since it does not have a advanced url bar like rekonq does…
  2. I don't say this is completely uneeded (I don't really care). What I'm pointing out is that (if we really wanna merge this new action), I'll prefer adding something like a new right icon in the urlbar, always last on the right, to click to represent it.